Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Dylan's Aura Was Purple, Just Like Buckminster Fuller's

The story goes that, in mid-1977, with Sara having at least temporarily having won custody of their children, Bob Dylan sat down with T-Bone Burnett, and that Burnett read him warnings from the Bible about how those who consort with astrologers and other practitioners of the supernatural would be punished with the loss of their families.

Burnett was certainly familiar with the sorts of unworldly folks Dylan had been consorting with. The Rolling Thunder Revue, especially during its 1976 leg, included a house astrologer and other New-Age style occultists in its entourage.

One of them was palmist and tarot reader Elissa Heyman. Heyman is now based in Santa Fe, NM, where she offers "psychic consultations," in person or by telephone, and related services including "house clearings," at a base rate of $135/hour. She accepts Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal.

But back in 1976, the 25-year-old neophyte psychic had recently left a long-term internship at a Santa Barbara mental health clinic and, following guidance from her Tarot, had just flown to Fort Worth when, as Heyman tells it, Bob Dylan drove up to her while she was sitting on a curb and invited her to join the Rolling Thunder Revue.
(This would have happened on May 15, 16, or 17, meaning her actual time in the Revue would be less than two weeks, hardly the official "psychic reader for Bob Dylan's 'Rolling Thunder'" she seems to be touted as these days.)

Heyman, although she recognizes Dylan, is initially hesitant to join the tour, saying she needs to wait for "an omen." But she soon enough agrees to join. Dylan warns her "You can't just come with me, you've got to do something." So she begins by reading his palm, going on to read tarot for members of the troupe.

She remembers that Dylan had an unusual, intense purple aura, indicating a "tremendous investment in knowledge." She can recall only one person with a similar aura, the late Buckminster Fuller. 

You can experience a recent interview on Heyman's life and career at Tarot Joy Radio, with audio here

Tarot Joy Radio (July 13 program)

and video here 

Tarot Joy Radio video

The video starts a bit later in the webcast, but goes on longer and includes full psychic readings.

I wouldn't worry that listening to/viewing these will cause you to lose your family. I'm pretty sure God would view the experience as pretty much punishment itself.

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